Biohazardous Threat Agents & Emerging Infectious Diseases

Biohazardous agents and emerging infectious diseases facing the world community are purposefully designed. Global communication and transportation systems have evolved to a point where communicable diseases can rapidly disseminate around the world. The threat of smallpox and anthrax attacks as well as previous SARS and monkeypox outbreaks have underscored the need for the development of new educational initiatives involving biological and chemical threat agents in addition to emerging infectious diseases. Emerging infections account for at least 12% of all human pathogens. EIDs are caused by newly identified species or strains that may have evolved from a known infection (e.g. influenza) or spread to a new population (e.g. West Nile fever) or to an area undergoing ecologic transformation (e.g. Lyme disease) or are reemerging infections, like drug-resistant tuberculosis. The inevitable, but unpredictable, an appearance of new infectious diseases has been recognized for millennia, well before the discovery of causative infectious agents. An emerging infectious disease is HIV/AIDS, which likely emerged a century ago after multiple independent events in which the virus jumped from one primate host to another (chimpanzees to humans) and subsequently, as a result of a complex array of social and demographic factors, spread readily within the human population.

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